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Hess Automation Marketing

Gates are our first line of defense when it comes to securing our properties. A strong and secured front gate can go as far as to act as deterrent to property break-ins. Adding automation to your gate can make it more secure as it is significantly harder to force open. Furthermore, with crime being on the rise, you avoid having to get out from your car to open the gate and expose yourself to danger. As you don’t have to leave your car each time you open and close the gate, you enjoy convenience and comfort, especially if it’s raining and the gate is heavy – it can really be a hassle. In addition to that, automated gates add to the aesthetic appeal and value of a property.


With more than 10 years of experience, Hess Automation Marketing is your specialist in automatic gate systems. We manufacture high-quality systems and install them to a wide range of gates available for residential and commercial properties. We’re able to customize our designs and install them to your existing gate or work with your gate contractor for new applications. All our products are manufactured utilizing Italian technology, producing premium grade systems.


Hess Automation Marketing has gathered a wealth of knowledge in the industry over the years and this has enabled us to produce bespoke solutions that are guaranteed to meet your requirements. Our wide range of products include Swing Arm, Folding Arm and Rotary Sliding. Besides dealing with end-users, we also supply our products to metal workshops, dealers and installers.


When an initial enquiry is made, we arrange a site visit to provide consultation and gather requirements. Consequently, after our quotation is accepted, we make arrangements for the implementation works to be completed within agreed timeline. After installation, all our products are covered with a one year warranty.


Hess Automation Marketing prides itself on manufacturing systems that have a longer lifespan than most systems in the market. Our automatic gate systems are heavy duty, highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They have been tested to operate up to 30000 times and can pull up to 300kg per swing. However, it is important that the automatic gates are regularly maintained and checked. In this case, we provide excellent after-sales that includes servicing and maintenance check to provide trouble-free usage for years to come.


We have everything under one roof for all your automatic gate system needs, including a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts. We are also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), supplying our systems to many other companies that resell these systems.


Contact us today to have your property inspected by our surveyor. With vast experience and knowledge, our surveyors know the benefits and complications of each type of system. They will be able to identify operational hazards and advise you on the most suitable system for your property based on factors such as size of the entrance, ground level, available space surrounding the entrance and other additional requirements.

Our Commitment

Our priority is to ensure that your requirements are met beyond your expectations and achieve customer satisfaction by implementing impeccable automatic gate systems. We also provide unparalleled services, extending our prompt support during the lifespan of your automatic gate system. Our surveyors and technicians are all comprehensively trained and they will be able to resolve practically any issue that you may encounter. We ensure that our prospective clients are well-informed on the most suitable options available to assist them in selecting the most ideal solution to complement the existing gate.


“To be the leading automatic gate systems manufacturer in Malaysia, pioneering innovative designs and technologies.”